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Yoga Inspired Reiki Jewelry & Meditation Jewelry

Simply beautiful, effective, and affordable...


  The SUNPHIRE® pendants 

Wear our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry and experience 
focused energy, reduced stress, and joyful calm.

Our quartz crystal pendants are programmed to balance ALL 7 chakras

Our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry was tested in a
clinical study.

30 day money back guarantee!

Yoga Inspired Reiki Jewelry & Meditation Jewelry

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"Wearing your yoga inspired jewelry is like having a personal reiki master. Enhance your yoga, reiki & meditation with these great products!"
- Renowned yoga teacher Jada Fire; Las Vegas, NV

 Yoga teacher tested - Reiki master tested
Verified in Doctor Clinical Studies

Our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry
 is permanently programmed for balancing ALL 7 chakras and never needs energy cleansing!
Available with a red citrine or amethyst accent gem, simply pick the color you like.


Yoga Inspired Reiki Jewelry & Meditation Jewelry

Free Shipping

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 Guaranteed for 30 days, or your money back!

"Wearing your crystal has changed my life for the better! I have heightened clarity, improved focus, and calmness. I don't want to ever be without it...that is how much it has helped in balancing my chakras! It works, please try it. You'll be glad you did!"
- Carolyn, Yoga Student; Littleton, CO 

"I thought the pendant looked nice on your website, but in person it is really beautiful and unique. Then when I started to wear it...well, everything was just more brilliant and vibrant. I started to feel so connected to life. WOW!"
-Brandi Wein, Yoga Enthusiast; Las Vegas, NV

"It is the most beautiful crystal I have ever seen. It is an experience to have it hanging next to my heart. I thank you so much!"
Nancy.W., Massage Therapist

It's a personal antenna to the life force energy

Our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry is not like ordinary quartz pendants! It's chakra balancing energy goes far beyond any jewelry on the market. The Living OM is an experience of the energy matrix between the physical universe and the creative life force. The pendant will act as your personal interactive antenna to this experience. Our jewelry will amplify your life force energy (chi), giving you a truly vibrant feeling. Great for yoga, meditation, reiki & everyday holistic lifestyles...and it has a risk free 30-day money back guarantee!

Yoga studio & Reiki master tested!

Clinically verified by holistic doctors. Tested and endorsed by yoga teachers & reiki masters. Our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry will balance all your major acupuncture meridians and all seven chakra energy centers. Once you start wearing our jewelry, it will activate and begin to dynamically interact with you, balancing and amplifying your natural energetic state. 

"Tested with patients in my clinical practice, your Sunphire pendant has consistently and clearly promoted improved energy and body balance as it pertains to chakra energy and acupuncture meridians."  
Dr. Matthew Paige, D.C.; chiropractor

30 day money back guarantee

With great feedback from holistic doctors, yoga teachers, reiki masters, meditation teachers, massage therapists and thousands of customers, we are completely confident our yoga inspired jewelry will genuinely make a difference in your life. If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever within 30 days, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How does the reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry work?

We have created a bold new technology using the age old quartz crystal. Crystals are known as "nature's computer chips". They can learn and reproduce simple, yet powerful patterns. We researched key universal vibrational (energy) patterns that are the cornerstone of the matrix between the physical universe and the creative life force. Using quantum physics, we applied a special combination of these patterns to the crystals to create an interactive and evolving process responding to your unique vibration. Our yoga inspired jewelry is permanently programmed and constantly self-renews, so no maintenance or energy cleansing is ever required.

"Crystals of quartz can be charged with information and can act as instruments that store & amplify subtle energies." 
Dr. Marcel Vogel, Nobel Laureate & silicon chip pioneer

Everyday wear... anywhere on your body

Our reiki jewelry & meditation jewelry can be conveniently worn on a neck chain, as an anklet, or in your pocket with the provided pouch. It is available in pendant, earring and anklet/kid size styles. Whether for yoga, meditation, reiki or just everyday wear, it is the perfect compliment to all holistic lifestyles.   

"I feel much more energized and my mental clarity has improved. I believe the Sunphire helps keep me at peace even in stressful situations. By wearing the really made a difference in my (holistic) lifestyle and how I see the world. I feel really blessed to have come across your website." 
Miranda T., Yoga Student


The Advanced Sunphire II - Yoga Inspired Reiki Jewelry & Meditation Jewelry

Based in the same technology that makes the original Sunphire so special, the Sunphire II for reiki & meditation has ten times the ability to tune your energy to the Living Om. This will create a greater sense of awareness and calm as you find yourself in a society that is increasingly in a hurry. We call this new benefit: Meditation on the Go. Most people only achieve this experience while in actual meditation, but the Sunphire II assists you to achieve this while at home, work, or play!
 "I love the Sunphire II. I wore it (for the first time) a few hours this afternoon. I really didn’t want to put it down, but I was taking a shower so I forced myself to. It made me feel really mellow, but simultaneously energized. Finally something I can’s exciting!" 
Toni V. - Las Vegas, NV


Read our published article "Quartz Crystals: Science or Magic?"

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Thanks to the many customers who have purchased a Sunphire and for their great feedback! 


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